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Incentia's tools have been used at customer sites in US, Asia, and Europe for more than 15 years. Customer tape-outs, ranging from slow process nodes to advanced 28/20/16 nm technologies, include applications in SoC, IoT, mixed-signal, image sensor, power management, medical, and automotive. Incentia's suite of EDA tools provide excellent performance and cost efficiency offering the customer unparalleled value. Below is the partial list of our customer testimonials.

"Triad Semiconductor delivers mixed signal IC solutions using a radically different approach that allows a designer to integrate analog and digital circuitry into an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) at a fraction of the cost and time normally required. We can achieve this by our unique patented VCA technology, which gives the designer the ability to configure and interconnect a rich set of mixed signal resources using only 'single' via mask layer. We have made Incentia's TimeCraft static timing analysis tool a key part of our mixed signal ASIC design flow. We were very impressed with the features, performance, ease of use and the overall value of this tool, as well as Incentia's prompt and professional customer support."
James Kemerling
Triad Semiconductor, USA

"American Semiconductor provides foundry and design services for all aspects of wafer fabrication, process development and ASIC design. We recently implemented Incentia's DesignCraft synthesis tool into our ASIC design flow for a mixed-signal microcontroller with a very compressed schedule. We were very impressed with the ease of use, quality of results and the overall value of this tool, as well as Incentia's prompt and professional customer supports. We are confident that DesignCraft will be capable of handling our more complex designs in the future."
Rich Chaney
General Manager
American Semiconductor, USA

"PE is the first European company to use Incentia's DesignCraft digital synthesis tool, as integrated into the Tanner EDA HiPer Silicon AMS solution. The tool offers standard sequential and low power synthesis, as well as DFT synthesis with scan cell replacement, DFT rule violation checking and fixing, scan chaining and stitching, DFT preview and reporting. The tool is cited to run at a speed of 5 million gates in less than 2 hours. Design optimisation is one of its most appealing features. For the first time, we can optimise our designs for power, performance and area. And the testability features are a real bonus. It is the first time we have had DFT support in a tool. It is something we have always had to do separately before."
Stefan Schubert
Executive VP
Productivity Engineering, Germany

"We have adopted Incentia's TimeCraft and TimeCraft-CM as our static timing analysis and timing constraint management software in our 90 nm design flow. TimeCraft demonstrated itself as an excellent STA tool throught its rich features, great performance and quality. TimeCraft-CM provided capabilities for checking, qualifying, validating, and debugging timing constraints.."
Chan Lee

"We have taped-out 6 designs using Incentia logic synthesis and STA products. We are quite happy with Incentia's product offerings and strong technical support. Early this year, we were struggling with timing closure between synthesis and layout on one of our recent designs, even though the synthesized netlist met the timing constraints. We tried Incentia physical synthesis (DesignCraft Pro) and it improved more than 2ns on the critical path. We have already taped out the design using the results from DesignCraft Pro."
Becker Sze
Senior Design Manager
Averlogic, San Jose, California

"Because our benchmark showed Incentia's logic synthesis and timing analysis software successfully reduced chip area and greatly shortened run time, we were confident about adopting Incentia's tools into our ASIC flow. Our real design examples showed that Incentia's software achieved high performance and facilitated our customers' projects."
Jim Wang
Director of the Design Development Division
Faraday Technology Corporation

"We have used Incentia's TimeCraft (STA) and DesignCraft (logic synthesizer) in our chip designs and tape-outs. TimeCraft not only runs very fast but also provides accurate and complete timing reports. Because of TimeCraft, we could roll out our USB 2.0 high-speed interface products ahead of our schedule and got international certification. It has been our final timing sign-off tool since 2001. We have also used DesignCraft to tape out our USB 2.0 and other designs. The consistent timing engine between DesignCraft and TimeCraft eliminates the potential timing issues and hence speeds up our design process."
Tina Chen
Engineering VP
Genesys Logic, Inc. Taiwan

"We have been using DesignCraft for our LCD driver design applications and have had two tape-outs. DesignCraft offers solid performance results and provides significant improvements in run time and area performance. DesignCraft is also easy to use with the adoption of the standard synthesis methodology."
Integrated Solutions Technology

"We have adopted Incentia's TimeCraft and DesignCraft for our front-end timing analysis and integrated logic, DFT and low power synthesis flow. We are very pleased that Incentia's synthesis solution not only produced the smallest possible chip area and power consumption, but also greatly shortened our design turnaround time due to its fast runtime and smooth interface to our back-end ATPG and automatic Place & Route flow."
Sander Kao
Director of Engineering Technology Div.

"We have used TimeCraft for the timing iteration and signoff stages of our designs, such as the recent tapeout of a RAID controller chipset fabricated using TSMC 0.18um process. We completed the project ahead of schedule due to TimeCraft's quick turnaround time. We plan to continue to use TimeCraft for our future designs."
Vincent Lin
Assistant Vice President of R&D
Promise Technology, Inc.

"TimeCraft has a speed advantage over competing tools. With it, our timing verification turnaround time has been reduced by up to 10-fold. We are successfully applying TimeCraft to image processing ICs used in our copier and printer products. We are pleased with TimeCraft's speed enhancements, its quality and the resultant productivity improvements for our large SoC designs."
Zenji Oka
Manager of CAD Engineering Section
Ricoh Co., Ltd, Japan

"We have adopted Incentia's TimeCraft as our static timing analyzer in our nanometer design flow. TimeCraft satisfied our stringent design requirements and demonstrated itself as an excellent STA tool throught its great performance, rich features and quality. Timecraft's fast runtime speed dramatically cut down our total timing analysis turnaround time and improved our time-to-silicon productivity."
Jim Lai
President & COOr
Global Unichip Corp.


"Incentia has kept pace with the technology hurdles we face and our customer requests. We have had success with Incentia's synthesis and timing products, and are pleased to add additional licenses and new options to our worldwide design sites."


Bauli Yang
Via Technologies, Inc.

"We have been using Incentia's TimeCraft because it has clear speed advantage over the competing tools. Several months ago, we started to use Incentia's logic synthesis tool, DesignCraft. We are amazed not only by its runtime advantage (a few times faster than other solutions), but also its capability of generating smaller cell area. DesignCraft can reduce 28% of the cell area of the DSP core used in our design compared to other tool's result. On average, it achieved 8% area reduction. We are pleased at the performance of Incentia products and will continue to use for its good quality and great supports."
Fei Yan
Senior ASIC Engineer
Via Telecom, Inc.
San Diego, CA


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