Thursday May 5, 9:26 am ET

Incentia Signs Beijing and Shanghai-Based Distributors for Its Timing and Synthesis Software

Asian Interest in Incentia's Software Continues to Grow

SANTA CLARA, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--May 5, 2005 -- Incentia Design Systems, Inc., an EDA company in the timing and synthesis market, today announced that it has signed on with distributors in China -- One Pass Solutions Ltd. in Beijing and Shanghai Tarkk Technology Co. Ltd. in Shanghai.

The new distributors are in place to address the growing demand for Incentia's advanced and complete timing and synthesis software that addresses the design challenges of performance, runtime and capacity.

"China offers us a rapidly growing market for tapeout-proven timing and synthesis software due to the establishment of many semiconductor and fabless IC design houses there," remarked Ihao Chen, Incentia CEO. "To support these customers, we are very pleased to sign up two expert distributors based in China's major technology centers, Beijing and Shanghai."

Incentia has offices in Santa Clara, California, and Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, as well as distributors in Japan, China, Korea, India and Israel. For a complete list of Incentia's offices and distributors locations, please visit

About Incentia Products

Incentia offers advanced complete timing and synthesis solutions to address the ever-growing design challenges in performance, runtime, and capacity for multi-million-gate, nanometer SoC designs.

TimeCraft™ is a full-chip, gate-level static timing analyzer (STA), offering fast analysis speed. Its rich features enable timing verifications at the pre-signoff (ECO iteration) stage and final signoff for all kinds of design applications.

DesignCraft™ is a complete logic synthesis tool with integrated capabilities for optimizing area, power, timing and design-for-testability (DFT). It produces aggressive area reduction and low power results, with advantages in runtime and capacity.

DesignCraft Pro™ is a physical synthesis tool that accepts RTL or netlist designs and creates detailed placement. It offers fast turnaround time and allows users to perform physical performance prototyping and physical optimization as well as resolve design closure issues by simultaneously optimizing for timing, area, power, congestion and DFT.

About Incentia

Incentia Design Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced timing and synthesis software that addresses the stringent requirements of runtime, design capacity, timing, area, design-for-testability, power consumption and signal integrity for multi-million-gate semiconductor designs. The company's products are in use at leading fabless IC design, systems, semiconductor and design service companies and have successfully been used to tape out numerous designs in different design applications, such as communications, networking, wireless, chip-sets, consumer electronics, and multi-media.

For more information, please visit, email or call 408-727-8988.

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