Jun 01, 2004, 4:59 p.m. EST EE Times

Faraday Adopts Incentia for ASIC Synthesis & Timing Flow Tuesday June 1, 4:59 pm

Runtime Speed and Capacity of Incentia's Logic, Test and Low Power

Synthesis & Timing Software Crucial for High-Performance,

Complex Design Success

Incentia Design Systems, Inc. announced today that Faraday Technology Corporation (TAIEX: 3035), a leading fabless ASIC service and silicon proven IP provider, has successfully integrated Incentia's software into its ASIC synthesis and timing flow.

"Because our benchmark showed Incentia's logic synthesis and timing analysis software successfully reduced chip area and greatly shortened run time, we were confident about adopting Incentia's tools into our ASIC flow," said Jim Wang, director of the Design Development Division at Faraday. "Our real design examples showed that Incentia's software achieved high performance and facilitated our customers' projects."

"Faraday is a recognized leader in the ASIC service field," remarked Ihao Chen, President & CEO of Incentia. "Their adoption and integration of Incentia's software is an example of how our tools are well-suited for ASIC design."

Faraday joined Incentia's LibCraft(TM) Library partner program in 2001. By integrating Incentia's synthesis and timing tools, Faraday delivers comprehensive ASIC libraries with robust performance. Faraday's customers have gained a significant competitive advantage as a result of the collaboration between Faraday and Incentia.

Incentia's Synthesis and Timing Software Products

Incentia offers three major products for synthesis and timing analysis. TimeCraftR is a full-chip, gate-level static timing analyzer, offering fast analysis speed for timing sign-off and Engineering Change Orders (ECOs). DesignCraftR is a logic synthesis tool with datapath, test and low power options. DesignCraft Pro(TM) is a physical synthesis tool that solves timing closure issues and shortens turnaround time. All products are based upon a unified timing engine and database and address the ever growing design requirements of speed, performance and capacity.

About Faraday Technology Corporation

Faraday Technology Corporation is a leading silicon IP and fabless ASIC vendor. The company's broad IP portfolio includes 32-bit RISC CPUs, DSPs, high speed I/Os. With more than 500 employees and 2003 revenue of $111 million, Faraday is the largest fabless ASIC company in the Asia-Pacific region. Headquartered in Taiwan, Faraday has service and support offices around the world, including the U.S., Japan, Europe, and China. For more information, please visit:

About Incentia

Incentia Design Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of logic and physical synthesis and timing software that addresses the stringent requirements of runtime, design capacity, timing, area, Design for Test (DFT), power consumption, and signal integrity for multi-million-gate SoC designs. Its products are in use at leading systems design, semiconductor companies and design services companies.

Incentia has offices in Santa Clara, California, and Hsinchu, Taiwan, as well as distributors in Japan, China, Korea, India, and Israel. For more information, please visit, email or call 408-727-8988.

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