Wednesday June 2, 2010, PT

Incentia Announces Enhancements of DesignCraft™ Synthesis Software

Targeted for Designs Requiring Aggressive Die Size and Power Reductions

SANTA CLARA, California, USA - June 2, 2010 - Incentia Design Systems, Inc., a technology leader in timing analysis, logic synthesis, and design closure solutions, today announced the availability of the 2010.06 release of its logic synthesis software ¡XDesignCraft™. The release improves overall runtime and quality of results, and adds advanced features in low power and DFT synthesis to produce most aggressive reduction in die size and power consumption.

¡§We have greatly enhanced this release with improved quality of results, runtime speedup, and new features to address the challenges in nanometer designs,¡¨ said Arthur Wei, vice president of operation at Incentia. ¡§Our customers have been using DesignCraf to tape out hundreds of designs in different applications, such as multi media, wireless, consumer electronics, networking, medical, and military devices. This release shows our strong commitment and continuing effort to provide our customers with the state-of-the-arts products.¡¨

What¡¦s New ? Improved Quality of Results, Runtime Speedup, and Advanced Features
Incentia's DesignCraft is a complete logic synthesis solution including data-path, low power, and DFT. It takes a design in Verilog/VHDL, and generates a highly optimized and test ready gate-level netlist, with minimum delay, power, and die size. This release achieves up to 10% die size and power reduction, and 35% runtime speedup, when compared to the previous release. It is also equipped with CPF and UPF supports for advanced low power designs containing multiple voltage domains and multi-threshold library cells. Moreover, concurrent multi-voltage and multi-threshold power optimization can be done in one pass. The DFT synthesis adds CPF and UPF support, test point compression, and at-speed testing. The release specially aims for designs requiring aggressive die size and power reductions.

Price and Availability
Incentia's 2010.06 release is available on Sun Solaris (32-bit and 64-bit) and Linux (32-bit and 64-bit) platforms. For pricing and availability information, please email to

About Incentia
Incentia Design Systems, Inc. is a leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools provider of advanced timing analysis, power & timing ECO, and logic synthesis software for multi-million-gate nanometer designs. Incentia¡¦s products are being used at leading semiconductor, fabless, and design service companies worldwide and have produced numerous successful tape-outs in different design application areas. Incentia has offices in Santa Clara, California and Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, and distributors in Japan, China, India, Korea, and Israel. For more information, please visit, email to or call 408-727-8988.

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