Friday June 11, 2010, PT

STARC Adopts Incentia TimeCraft Static Timing and Signal Integrity Analysis Solutions in the STARCCAD-CEL V4.0 Timing Signoff Flow

SANTA CLARA, California, USA - June 11, 2010 - Incentia Design Systems, Inc., a technology leader in timing analysis and design closure solutions, today announced that STARC, the Japanese electronic design consortium co-founded by major Japanese semiconductor companies, has validated Incentia¡¦s TimeCraft™ static timing analysis (STA) and signal integrity (SI) analysis solutions for 45nm and below process technologies, and included them in its STARCAD-CEL V4.0 Timing Signoff Flow.

STARCAD-CELV4.0 Timing Signoff Flow covers comprehensive requirements in static timing and signal integrity analysis for 45nm and below process technologies, with the emphasis on very fast turnaround time, multi-voltage-frequency signoff, variation tolerant clock timing analysis, advanced cross-talk pessimism reduction, and product quality and usability. Incentia has closely worked with STARC on V4.0 requirements through TimeCraft enhancements. TimeCraft has demonstrated its clear runtime advantage in both single- and multi- thread flows with big productivity gains on large designs. It addresses multi-voltage-frequency signoff through various inter-power-domain derating approaches to reduce the total number of corners that need to be analyzed without losing accuracy. For variation tolerant clock timing analysis, TimeCraft provides a very efficient solution for non-tree clock structures, such as large meshes, through a very fast yet accurate gate-level delay calculation engine, without the need of time-consuming SPICE simulations. Furthermore, it addresses advanced cross-talk pessimism reductions through approaches such as complex-gate logical correlation and discrete timing windows.

"The goal of the STARCAD-CEL V4.0 Timing Signoff Flow is to identify the most efficient and comprehensive timing and signal integrity signoff solutions for STARC member companies," said Nobuyuki Nishiguchi, vice president and general manager, Development Department 1 at STARC. "Incentia's TimeCraft effectively addresses our requirements in performance, capacity, accuracy, advanced analysis features, and product quality. We are pleased to continue the adoption of TimeCraft in our V4.0 Timing Signoff Flow and provide our member companies a solution with the biggest productivity gains for very big designs in 45nm and below processes."

"We have closely worked with STARC on its V4.0 Timing Signoff Flow that covers broad and stringent requirements in timing and signal integrity analysis for big designs using 45nm or below process technologies," said Ihao Chen, president and CEO of Incentia. "We are pleased that TimeCraft was able to deliver the required solutions. STARC's adoption of TimeCraft into its V4.0 Timing Signoff Flow shows our continuing effort to our customers with the most leading timing analysis technologies."

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