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Product Overview
ConstraintCraft is Incentia's solution for constraint checking, debugging, and management. It consists of Constraint Checker and Constraint Debugger, and provides an effective and easy-to-use solution to clean, debug, and improve constraints. ConstraintCraft has demonstrated its benefits through many customer tape-outs by effectively improving constraint quality and reducing constraint verification and design turnaround time. The following are highlighted features.

  • Purify and improve design and timing constraint quality
  • Rich set of rules to check constraint completeness, correctness, conflicts, and
  • Debugs timing exceptions and diagnose no timing paths on the fly
  • Generates corrected SDC constraints
  • Design stage checking to minimize timing issues in later Place & Route
  • Design structure and cone checking to minimize congestion issues in later Place &
  • Comprehensive features on clock tree checking and debugging
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