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Product Overview
TimeCraft-SI is Incentia's high-speed, big-capacity, signal integrity (SI) analysis tool, built on top of Incentia TimeCraft STA tool. Proven through customer tape-outs, TimeCraft-SI offers an integrated STA and SI analysis solution with the following highlighted features.

  • Built on top of TimeCraft: inheriting all TimeCraft features
  • Easy to adopt: compatible usage, SDC, .lib/CCS/ECSM, Tcl based scripting
  • Cross-talk analysis: timing-window based analysis, composite aggressors, advanced
    pessimism reductions considering the effects of logic correlations with complex
    structure, CRPR, and discrete timing window
  • Noise analysis: calculations for noise bump, immunity, and propagation
  • CPF & UPF support
  • Advanced multi-thread technology: further 2X to 5X speedup
  • Highly efficient multi-task MMMC allowing for analyzing more corners in much less time
  • Fast runtime for very big designs: 2X to 8X faster than other solutions
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