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Product Overview
TestCraft is Incentia's DFT synthesis, which can be used as an integrated option of DesignCraft or in a stand-alone manner. Under stand-alone mode, it takes a gate-level netlist as input and then performs DFT rule checking and fixing, and scan implementation and chaining. The following are highlighted features.

  • Patented based SEDAN (STA Enhanced DFT Analysis) and ABS (Affinity Based Scan
    Optimization) technologies: 3X to 8X faster than other solutions
  • Supports both top-down and bottom-up flows
  • Rich features in DFT rule checking and fixing: clock and asynchronous signals,
    bidirectional ports, bus conflict, memory or black-box bypass, pad logic integration,
    controllability & observability, test point insertion, etc.
  • Scan implementation: scan cell replacement and optimization, scan chain breaking &
    stitching, scan integration with IPs having existing scan chains
  • CPF support
  • Comprehensive DFT preview analysis and reporting
  • Smooth interface to third-party ATPG tools through standard STIL output
  • Proven through many customer tape-outs
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